Email Marketing Strategies Can Increase Sales: They Can Help Your Customers Buy Repeatedly

Email marketing strategies increase sales. They can make it easier for your customers to return to your site. So, they can buy from your business over and over again.

Did you know?

Most visitors will visit your site and leave — never to return again.

What makes matter worse is that hardly anyone ever buys anything after visiting a blog or website once. Over 90% of your site visitors are NOT converted to customers.

Your email marketing campaigns can turn one-time website visitors into ready-to-buy repeat customers. This can dramatically increase your sales and profits.

Email Marketing Campaigns Can Keep Customers Coming Back

Business is a numbers game. In a game of numbers, sometimes you’ll see instant results… sometimes you’ll see delayed results… and sometimes, you won’t see any results at all.

In order to build your business as quickly as possible, it’s absolutely necessary for you to present your product, service or opportunity to as many people as possible… and let the numbers work their magic for you.

Of course, it’s not that easy…

It’s not as easy as putting up a blog or website, driving traffic to it… and hoping that your visitors will buy or sign-up for what you have to offer.

You have to deal with some roadblocks…

A major obstacle for online marketers is that hardly anyone ever buys anything after visiting a website once. Studies have shown that it takes a typical internet user up to 7 visits to a website before buying anything.

What this means is that even if you’re driving massive traffic to your website — most of your one-time visitors will NEVER buy from you!

This is shocking, but true. Over 90% of your website visitors are NOT converted to customers.

What makes matters worse is that most marketers are not able to drive massive traffic to their websites. Instead, they get a trickle of unqualified prospects visiting their websites.

This is a major contributing factor for the high failure rate of businesses online. Most entrepreneurs do not get a lot of visitors to their website — and worse, most of these one-time visitors never return to buy from them.

What’s the solution?

If you can get your prospect’s email and you can establish a permission-based relationship using email marketing campaigns, you can have MULTIPLE chances to make a sale — instead of having a one-time shot of getting your website visitor to buy.

At ReEngager, they have a 3/47/50 rule:

  • 3% of your visitors are ready to buy now
  • 47% of your visitors are not ready to buy now, but they will buy sometime in the future
  • 50% of your visitors will never buy

It’s extremely important to build your email list and nurture your subscribers. By turning one-time website visitors into ready-to-buy repeat customers, you can increase your sales and dramatically increase your income.

What Is the Difference Between Spam and Permission-Based Email Marketing Strategies?

Email marketing requires a permission-based relationship with your subscribers. This means that they signed up for your list and gave you permission to send them emails.

In contrast, spam involves emailing people about your business without getting their permission first.

It’s never a good idea to use spam for marketing!

You can ruin your reputation online if you spam.

If you’re selling products and services for other companies, they will terminate you for spamming.

What’s even worse?

You can end up paying huge fines and other penalties.

Some spammers have had to pay six-figure penalties and others had to pay MILLIONS. It’s definitely not worth it. Never, ever spam!

Email Marketing Strategies Can Help You Increase Sales and Profits for Your Business

You’ve probably heard that “the money is in the list.”

By using permission-based email marketing strategies, you can keep a steady flow of new prospects and customers visiting your site. The more prospects and customers you expose to your business, the more sales you can get and the more money you can make.

Did you know that 60% of shoppers are more likely to buy after receiving an email?

If you have permission to email THOUSANDS of subscribers about your irresistible offers, how many sales do you think you could make?

On average, email marketing can generate $36 for every $1 spent. It’s higher than any other channel. This is an astounding 3,800% return on investment (ROI).

By using email marketing strategies, you can increase sales and profits for your business.

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