Month: March 2014

Brand Marketing Is Essential For Non-Profit and Small Business Success

Brand marketing seems so complicated. No wonder big businesses pay millions of dollars to have branding companies build their brands for them.

Brand Marketing Is Essential For Non-Profit and Small Business Success

Creating a unique brand identity by brand marketing is essential for success of non-profits as well as for-profit small businesses.

No matter how great your search engine ranking is… no matter how huge your traffic is from your online and offline marketing activities… you’re putting your small business at risk, if you do not set yourself apart from your competitors.

Think about it. When your prospects use search engines to find some information about your business, product or service, what do they get? A description and link to your site in addition to those of your competitors’ sites — sometimes millions of them!

Your prospects are always just a click away from all of your competitors’ sites. Even if your site initially gets the new visitors, what will keep them coming back to your site instead of going to your competitors? Nothing — unless you have a powerful brand!

It’s not that different for your business in your local community. Your prospects will usually see your business advertising or directory listing surrounded by your competitors’ ads or listings. Even if your customers choose to buy from you because of your low prices or any special offer, what will keep them from going to your competitors next time? Nothing — unless you have a powerful brand!

If you don’t create a unique brand identity, your non-profit or small business is at risk of failing. Your strategies for brand marketing will be ineffective without it. By creating a unique brand identity, you can create in the mind of your customers the perception that there is no other company, product or service like yours.