DIY Business Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth? Choose Wisely [Part 4 of 4]

Why not stack the odds in your favor?

You need to avoid wasting your time on ineffective business marketing strategies that keep you from getting more sales and profits…

Instead, you need to focus on direct-response digital marketing strategies that can generate game-changing sales and profits for your business.

Business Marketing Strategies: Bing Ads and Google Adwords Search Campaigns

The screenshot above shows over $29,392 I generated from Bing Ads and Adwords (now called Google Ads) campaigns promoting ONE offer for an internet service company. Note that the conversion rate for the campaigns was as high as 38%; in contrast, the average conversion rate for most campaigns is 2%.

Here’s what you need to know about this high-converting marketing campaign…

I generated $29,392 from this direct-response digital marketing campaign on Bing Ads and Google Ads because I was paid $20 for EVERY new sales lead.

After optimization, my return on investment (ROI) was as high as 200% to 400% for some campaigns; I also kept running other campaigns which had lower ROI as long as they were profitable.

It was quick and easy digital marketing work. Each ad required me to write about two sentences.

The internet service company paid me $20 commissions for every lead I generated. In turn, they generated $70 to $200 per month ($840 to $2400 yearly) for every lead converted to a sale. Of course, they earned a lot more when customers bundled their internet service with additional services.

How I learned to create profitable marketing campaigns…

I’ve been marketing various products and services online for many businesses since 2010 as an affiliate marketer (an affiliate is an online marketer that joins an affiliate network to be able to promote various offers for many businesses). I’ve been fortunate to earn commissions for every lead and sales I generated for various companies.

However, I’m aware that most affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs marketing online are not so lucky — they are failing to get results! I couldn’t offer much help when I was a newbie marketer because I was mostly focused on learning about marketing effectively.

The last few years, I’ve been creating tutorials and courses for other online marketers to help boost their marketing knowledge and skills… as well as boost their earnings from generating leads and sales.

For small business owners and other entrepreneurs, the payoff for learning effective digital marketing is huge.

Instead of paying affiliate marketers $10 to $800 or more for every lead or sale generated, you can learn how to create profitable marketing campaigns yourself. Some businesses (usually law firms) even pay as much as $1,000 to $5,000 for every qualified lead.

If you hire full-service marketing consultants, your cost can be a lot more.

You can save a lot of money by learning and doing marketing yourself…

Learn how to put in place a self-funding marketing system that can help you grow your business rapidly…

When you have a self-funding marketing system, you can have a RELIABLE process that pays for itself as well as generates sales and profits for your business… day after day… month after month…

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