By Using Simple Tools to Create Funnels for Marketing, You Can MAXIMIZE Your Leads, Sales and Profits

By using software and other tools to create your funnels for marketing, you can automate generation of your leads, sales and profits…

It’s like having a powerful team selling and marketing for your business 24/7.

Automated Marketing Funnel = Revenue Engine

You need to STOP wasting your precious time doing everything yourself. Instead, START working less and earning more…

Learn how simple tools can help you MAXIMIZE your leads, sales and profits. You can avoid wasting a lot of time, money and effort. So, you can grow your business online FASTER.

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Use Simple Tools to Create Funnels for Marketing... So, You Can MAXIMIZE Your Leads, Sales and Profits

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur or you have a large team. It’s absolutely necessary to use tools for creating your funnels for marketing. So, you can MAXIMIZE your leads, sales and profits… WITHOUT wasting a lot of time, money and effort. The powerful tools on the Groove platform can replace all your marketing and automation apps. What’s even better? You can get started for FREE…

By using the Groove platform marketing and automation tools, you can have the power to build your business online FASTER.

You can create marketing campaigns and sell anything using these powerful tools…

So, you can MAXIMIZE your lead, sales and profits… WITHOUT wasting a lot of time, money  and effort.

But, is it really free?

Yes, the Start Up Plan is FREE for Life.

There’s no credit card required…

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What’s Included In the Free-for-Life Start Up Plan for the Groove Software Platform?

  • Email marketing to your contacts — FREE for up to 500 contacts
  • One custom domain
  • Unlimited Groove subdomains with hosting
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited ecommerce stores
  • One membership site
  • One blog
  • Multiple gateways, including GroovePay, Stripe, PayPal and more.

NOTE: You can get more free features, if you take action quickly. Do NOT delay. If you wait to get started, you’re going to get fewer features… 

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By Using the Groove Software Platform, You Can MAXIMIZE Your Leads, Sales and Profits… While You Save Time, Money and Effort

No matter what products or services you’re selling, the Groove software platform can help maximize your leads, sales and profits… while you save time, money and effort.

Money loves speed…

This means that when you have a marketing idea that can potentially generate a lot of sales and profits for your business, you need to take action quickly.

The sooner you do… the sooner you can see the results.

It doesn’t make any sense to create landing pages, sales pages as well as other components of your sales and marketing funnels without time-saving tools.


Not only are you going to delay your results… you’re also going to miss out on opportunities for generating revenue and profits. So, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

By using the tools on the Groove software platform, you can avoid wasting your time, money and effort. So, you can have the FASTEST way to generate leads, sales and profits.

Who Developed the Remarkable Sales Tools and Marketing Automation Software Provided On the Groove Platform?

Mike Filsaime, the CEO of GrooveDigital, LLC… as well as his team developed the Groove software platform.

He pioneered some of the most innovative software and strategies in marketing. In 2009, he created Launch Tree… it was the very first course on marketing funnels.

In 2006, he did his first product launch earning $1 million in one day. He has done more launches earning $1 million in one day for more brands than any marketer in history.

In addition to sales and marketing funnels, he also developed upsells and other funnel optimization strategies. These innovative strategies for maximizing profits are still being used by marketers all over the world today. Furthermore, these marketing innovations will continue to be used for many years to come.

Under his leadership, his developers and designers have developed game-changing marketing tools, software and platforms for businesses.

Mike developed innovative software platforms, including WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra, DealGuardian, Butterfly Marketing, PayDotCom and EvergreenBusinessSystem.

It’s not surprising that Mike’s companies have generated over $175 million

His brand is trusted by over 250,000 customers and over 3 million lifetime subscribers — and this number just keeps on growing!

Mike developed multiple innovative software platforms…. years before he developed the software and other tools for the Groove platform.

So, he’s extremely knowledgeable about creating tools that can help entrepreneurs and marketers MAXIMIZE their leads, sales and profits.

GrooveDigital™ is the fastest growing software platform for digital marketers.

Over 450,000 users adopted the platform within the first year alone. Groove CRM and GrooveFunnels™ website and funnel builder is the #1 Landing Page and Marketing Funnel Builder on the planet!

If you’re not using the software, tools and resources provided on the Groove platform… you’re going to put yourself at a BIG competitive disadvantage.

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The Groove Software Platform Offers Simple Drag-and-Drop Elements and Easy-to-Customize Templates

There’s NO coding required to create gorgeous websites, landing pages, marketing and sales funnels…

You get FREE step-by-step training in the Groove Digital Academy. So, you’ll know how to use the tools to:

  • Generate more traffic and leads.
  • Convert more leads into sales.
  • Generate more sales and profits… over and over again.

The powerful tools on the Groove and GrooveFunnels™ platform can replace all your marketing and automation apps. This can help you automate your sales and marketing process. So, you can grow your business FASTER.

Here Are Some of the Marketing and Automation Tools On the Groove Platform

If you want all the features on the Groove software platform, you can upgrade to premium plans. If you want ZERO monthly or yearly fees FOREVER, you can take advantage of the Lifetime Upgrade…

But, they’re going to STOP offering this soon… and limit future users to recurring monthly or yearly pricing.

If you do NOT see the Special Offer upgrade on your Groove dashboard after you join for free… then they already stopped giving people the opportunity to get the Lifetime Upgrade.

But, if you’re given the opportunity to get the Limited-Time Special Offer for a Lifetime Upgrade… it would be smart to grab it quickly.

Not ready to use lots of UNLIMITED features?

No worries!

You can keep using the Start Up Plan — it’s FREE for Life.

To get started for FREE, click here

Here are some of the marketing and automation tools on the groove platform:

#1. GroovePages™ website builder is a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop page and funnel builder that includes pre-designed blocks, wireframe blocks, popups, countdown timers, progress bars and more.

#2. GrooveMail™ is a world-class CRM and email marketing solution. The software has multiple features, including tag for automation, text and voice broadcasting as well as traditional mail features.

You can easily create automated campaigns, workflows, broadcasts, follow-ups, sales emails, cart abandons and more.

#3. GrooveVideo™ video marketing software is a platform that allows you to upload your videos, edit the player skins, controls and autoplay. You can even add tags and calls to action.

It’s a marketing-oriented video player that gives you access to analytics and the ability to split test. Simply use an embed code to add the video to your website.

#4. GrooveSell™ payment processor is a digital sales platform that enables you to accept payments for physical products, digital products, subscriptions and services.

It offers robust features like 1-click upsells, downsells, order bumps, and other profit maximizers.

#5. GrooveMember™ membership site builder enables you to create a membership site within minutes. You’ll be able to drip content, gate content, offer free or paid content, have multiple levels of access and more.

You’ll have multiple themes to choose from using the simple drag-and-drop builder.

#6. GrooveKart™ e-commerce platform allows you to have an online storefront. So, you can sell physical products, including merchandise, clothing, jewelry, health supplements and more.

It offers more features than other expensive apps out there. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder allows you to get your storefront up and running in hours… without technical help.

#7. GrooveFunnels™, GrooveBlog™, GrooveWebinar™ and many other tools are also included.

To learn more, watch the videos to see the tools in action…

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There’s no credit card required.

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Use Simple Tools to Create Funnels for Marketing… So, You Can MAXIMIZE Your Leads, Sales and Profits