Banner Ad Design: 10 Tips to Get Clicks and Results [Infographic]

Banner ads are text-based or image-based advertising usually placed in high-visibility areas on high-traffic websites.

Banner ads are intended to generate traffic to a website by linking to it. They’re are clickable and their main function is to get clicked on. They can increase brand awareness and subscriptions for a newsletter as well as generate leads and sales.

By improving your banner ad design, you can maximize your advertising results.

Banner advertising is also known as media buying and display advertising.

Media buying used to be reserved for companies with big marketing budgets. Google has changed all that. Now even small business owners with tiny marketing budgets can use display advertising.

The Google Display Network (GDN) serves over one TRILLION impressions for advertising every month (this is in addition to Google Ads [was Adwords] search advertising). In contrast, there are over 11.944 billion searches on Google every month (Source: Expanded Ramblings).

GDN allows advertisers to place ads on a network of sites that reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide (Source: Comscore).

To advertise on GDN, you can use keywords related to your products to show your text ads or banner ads that will get the attention of people enjoying articles, videos and other content; instead of keywords, you can also choose specific URLs, topics or interests to have your display ads shown.

With some important variations to GDN, you can use Facebook for display advertising. There are many display text and banner advertising platforms in addition to the Google Display Network; for example, here’s the link for 50 Ad Networks.

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There are lots of traffic sources for getting more leads, customers, sales and profits for your business.


If you’re starting out, it’s extremely important to focus on ONE source of traffic, leads, customers, sales and profits until you can master it or at least improve your skills using it; afterwards, you can add another source until you master that also.

It’s always important to learn how to maximize your results on any traffic source you use. View infographic (below) to maximize results for your banner advertising…

Get 10 Tips for Awesome Banner Ad Design to Get Clicks and Results

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Tips for Awesome Banner Ad Design to Get Clicks and Results
Credit: Visually.