7 Powerful Effects of Brand Positioning for Your Small Business

Effective brand positioning for your small business can create in the mind of your customers the perception that there is no other company, product or service like yours.

7 Powerful Effects of Brand Positioning for Your Small Business

At its most powerful level,  your unique brand identity can influence your customers to buy your product or service over your competitors — even if they have to pay more for it! A powerful brand can influence your customers to think that no one else — but you or your company — can deliver the quality or the benefits that they want.

Coke is an example of a powerful brand. When asked, most people would say that they preferred  Coke over Pepsi. But, blind taste tests usually revealed opposite results. When participants were blindfolded during a Coke vs. Pepsi Taste Test Challenge — and they couldn’t tell which brand they were drinking — Pepsi was usually chosen over Coke.

7 Powerful Effects of  Brand Positioning for Your Small Business

  1. A good reputation or brand builds a customer’s confidence and trust before a sale is made.
  2. Your personal reputation or branding can attract and repel opportunities. It has a powerful effect on people’s opinions and actions.
  3. The most powerful marketing you can have is a positive reputation or branding. Your customers will either be attracted to what you have to offer or they will avoid it.
  4. A good reputation or branding can bring repeat sales without advertising while a bad one can cause a business to fail.
  5. People will pay more for a brand that they trust.
  6. Having a strong brand or reputation can influence people. It can influence people to buy. It can influence people to choose you over your competitors.
  7. When opportunities are attracted to you and you don’t know why, it’s often your personal reputation or branding at work.
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Do your very best to protect your reputation and your brand. Even if it took you many years to build it, it will take just a few seconds to destroy it.

The most successful businesses are not necessarily those with the best employees, products or services. They are the ones with the most powerful brand identities due to consistent application of effective brand building and positioning strategies.

What Is Brand Positioning?


Smart brand positioning can have a huge impact on your small business success. By building a unique brand identity, you can have the most powerful business edge that your competitors can never take away from you.

By building a powerful brand for your small business, you can simplify your customers’ decision — when they need your product or service, they need only to think of you.