DIY Business Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth? Choose Wisely [Part 1 of 4]

Business Marketing Strategies

It doesn’t matter if you have a local store, startup, home-based business, solo practice or online business… if you’re selling any product or service, you need to bring in a steady stream of customers to generate consistent sales and profits. If you can’t consistently get more customers, sales and profits, your business will FAIL.

Why are so many entrepreneurs struggling to get more customers, sales and profits?

They’re making common business-killing mistakes….

And if you do what most entrepreneurs are doing, you will get the same business-killing results.

Traditional business marketing strategies, such as, advertising on the radio, television, yellow pages, billboards, newspapers and magazines are usually too expensive and not affordable for most business owners. So, they tend to focus on networking, cold calling and pounding the pavement to bring in new business.

The problem is that these face-to-face customer-attraction strategies can be too time consuming and too uncomfortable for most entrepreneurs to do. Even for those willing to endure humiliating rejection repeatedly, these strategies usually fail to get more leads and customers for their businesses.

Many business owners are marketing online, but their strategies rely too much on eventually getting free traffic to their sites using search engine optimization (SEO).

There were at least 4.66 billion web pages online as of mid-March 2016, according to LiveScience… and the competition just keeps growing.

The harsh reality is that most blogs and sites will fail to get top ranking on Google and other search engines.

What are most entrepreneurs doing totally wrong?

Instead of focusing on proven online marketing activities that can generate sales and profits quickly, struggling entrepreneurs spend most of their days creating content for their business blogs and sites. This can involve spending hundreds or thousands of hours blogging, writing articles, creating videos and other content.

They’re hoping that creating lots of content will eventually lead to lots of free traffic from Google and other search engines. They’re hoping that their hard work will someday lead to lots of customer-generating traffic… and hopefully, lots of sales and profits.

This is a trap….

Relying on Google search engine ranking for traffic, sales and profits is a scary proposition.

Even if you’re lucky enough to get top ranking, you never know when Google is going to change its ranking algorithm. You never know when your traffic, sales and profits will be yanked out from under you. You’re always vulnerable to losing them at any moment.

With every Google algorithm changes, millions of entrepreneurs have lost their source of traffic, sales and profits overnight. After losing their only source of income, most of them didn’t have any choice but to quit their businesses.

What’s even worse?

Relying on search engine traffic is based on the false assumption that getting lots of traffic will somehow lead to getting lots of sales and profits.

No, it actually doesn’t work that way…

Traffic doesn’t automatically turn to sales and profits. To accomplish that, you need to have effective marketing skills.

Marketing that effectively converts traffic into sales and profits is a FUNDAMENTAL skill for all entrepreneurs. Of all the skills you can have, your ability to market yourself, your blog, site and your business as well as your products and services will pay off more than any other.

If you have effective marketing skills, you can sell anything… and you can build a successful business. If not, any business you start is doomed to fail.

You need to STOP spinning your wheels!

You need to stop wasting your time… trying and hoping to get free traffic. Creating lots of content is so time-consuming. It’s like a full-time job in itself. You end up with never having time for anything else.

It’s just not sustainable…

The long hours and hard work – especially with little or no payoff – can lead to burnout and despair.

Do you really have time to do lots of hit-or-miss marketing strategies when you’re also running a business?

Of course, not! If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably time-starved and stressed out.

You need to avoid “spray-and-pray” ineffective marketing methods that keep you overworked and under-paid.

Instead, you need to focus only on using the most PROVEN marketing strategies that work effectively and quickly. You need to focus on reliable, predictable and profitable online marketing strategies that will grow your business day after day.

Why spend countless hours of trial and error as well as thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to get leads and customers as well as sales and profits?

You can go broke trying to learn the ropes….

It’s crucial that you take as much of the guesswork out of online marketing and avoid unnecessary risks.


Mistakes can be costly! It’s not just your time, money and energy that will get wasted. Marketing mistakes can keep you from having a profitable and successful business for many months or even years!

What’s even worse than wasting a lot of time, money and energy?

Losing hope!

If you end up losing hope, you can end up giving up on your dream of building a profitable business and living the lifestyle that you deserve.

Do not let that happen to you!