Month: April 2020

PPC Digital Advertising On a Budget? How to Increase Sales With PPC Ads


How do you get traffic (visitors) to your website that you can convert into leads and customers for your business?

PPC Digital Advertising On a Budget? How to Increase Sales With PPC Ads

If you’re not investing in PPC digital advertising, you’re missing out on one of the SIMPLEST, FASTEST and CHEAPEST digital marketing strategies to get more leads and customers for your business.

Digital marketing is essential for all businesses…


Your potential customers are looking for your services online. If they can’t find them… they can’t buy them.

Your business is INVISIBLE to your prospects online, if you’re not using digital marketing to promote it…

Why not buy rapid results?

By investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can buy VISIBILITY (traffic) for your business… and you can make it easy for your prospects to find your services. So, they can work with you instead of going to your competitors…

This is the most common marketing mistake online…

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on free marketing strategies, such as, creating lots of content and using search engine optimization (SEO). They’re hoping to get free traffic from Google… and hoping to get some sales.

The problem is that creating lots of content is very time-consuming. It’s like a full-time job in itself. You can end up with never having time for anything else. It’s just not sustainable when you’re busy running a business.

What’s even worse?

Most entrepreneurs FAIL to get any results…

Free marketing strategies are not really free. Ã¢Â˜Â¹ They’re only free… if your time has no value.

They can waste a lot of your time… and they can end up costing you a lot of money in lost opportunities. They can delay your progress and even keep your business from becoming successful.

Put Into Action Your Get-More-Customers Game Plan: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Digital Advertising Can Bring In More Sales and Profits Every Day

It doesn’t matter if you have a solo practice, startup, local store, home-based business, small or big firm, e-commerce or online business…​ if you’re selling any product or service, you need to bring in a steady stream of customers to generate CONSISTENT sales and profits.

If you can’t consistently get more sales and profits, you won’t have enough cash flow to grow your business. Eventually, your business will die.

Getting more leads, customers, sales and profits… day after day… month after month… is the key to everlasting growth for your business.


The #1 biggest frustration for entrepreneurs is roller-coaster or unpredictable sales.

How do you end roller-coaster sales — for good?

You need to put into action your Get-More-Customers Game Plan to bring in more sales and profits every day.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the SIMPLEST, FASTEST and CHEAPEST digital marketing strategies for getting more leads, customers, sales and profits for your business.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for marketing products or services online using the Internet as well as mobile phones and any other digital media.

Digital marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) search and display advertising as well as Facebook advertising, banner advertising and other promotions involving digital media.

What Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) (also known as cost-per-click (CPC)) search advertising is a digital marketing strategy in which advertisers show ads for their products or services when people enter relevant queries into search engines to search for things online.

Here’s how it works:

When your ad is clicked and a visitor is sent to your website, you pay the search engine a small fee. That’s why it’s called “pay-per-click.”

When your PPC advertising campaign is working for you, what you pay for the click is trivial because the visit to your site can be worth more to your business than what you pay for it.

For example: if you pay $2 per click, but 10 clicks generate one lead that costs you $20 and results in a $200 sale… then using PPC advertising is a no-brainer for growing your profitable business.

With pay-per-click advertising, you can buy traffic and visits to your site… whenever you want. You can get rapid results… usually within hours or days.

With search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, you usually have to wait weeks, months or longer to “earn” traffic or visits organically.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. For example, the sponsored ads you usually see at the top of search results for Google or Bing are pay-per-click ads.

PPC display advertising and Facebook advertising are other forms of PPC digital marketing.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves optimizing your website in order to achieve a high ranking in search engines and “earn” traffic organically.

Websites that are ranked highly in search listings are the most relevant to your search; they typically get the most traffic and visits from searchers.

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can’t pay to get a higher ranking in organic search listings.

You can’t get rapid results because you can’t buy traffic and visits to your site whenever you want.

The Main Difference Between Paid PPC Traffic and Organic SEO Traffic

The easiest way to understand the main difference between paid PPC traffic and organic SEO traffic is with a simple comparison: water from the faucet versus water from the rain.

Paid PPC traffic is like water from the faucet. You have complete control over the amount of water you get, how fast you get it and how long you let the water flow. You can turn it on and off whenever you want.

With paid PPC traffic, you can slow the flow if you’re getting more traffic than you want. You can increase the flow if you want more traffic.

Organic SEO traffic is like water from the rain. You have no control over the amount of water you get. You don’t know when or if it will come. You don’t know how long the rain will last or how much water you’ll get. You don’t know if you’ll have a drought from prolonged shortage of water. You don’t know if you’ll have flooding from overwhelming amount of water.

With organic SEO traffic, you can’t increase or slow the flow of traffic.

What’s even worse?

Even if your website achieves a high ranking from search engine optimization (SEO) and your business is getting lots of traffic and visitors, you never know if and when you can lose everything.

If Google changes their algorithm, you can lose your site traffic at any time.

Every time Google changes their algorithm, millions of businesses lose their site traffic as well as their sales, profits and income.

After every Google algorithm changes, many big businesses have gone bankrupt because they lost their traffic and millions of dollars of income from their sites.

This is the reason why many well-known sites have disappeared — their traffic has dried up. For example, I used to write a column for… this site is now gone (it re-directs to a new site). Gone!

Many well-known sites are now just sad inhabitants of the Internet graveyard…

Google will continue to update and make changes to their algorithm. So, many more sites will lose their traffic and income… then disappear from the Web.

You do not want that to happen to your own site.

Traffic that you can control is essential for any business.

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Digital Advertising for Business Owners

Of course, free SEO traffic is good… if you can get it.


Relying only on organic SEO traffic is like building your business on shifting sands – it’s too unpredictable.

It’s too risky to build any business based on traffic, leads, sales and profits that may or may not come… or may disappear at any time.

Pay per click advertising offers several advantages over SEO:

  • PPC advertising can offer rapid results… usually within hours or days. In contrast, SEO can take weeks or months to start working. It’s hard to build a business while hoping and waiting for traffic, leads, customers, sales and profits to come in.
  • PPC advertising is almost 100% controllable. In contrast, even SEO experts and high-priced SEO marketing companies can’t guarantee you a high search engine ranking.
  • The return on investment (ROI) from a PPC advertising campaign can be far more easily controlled than an SEO campaign (if you’re paying SEO marketing companies).
  • PPC advertising can be a SELF-FUNDING marketing system – yes, it can pay for itself as well as generate profits for your business.

Getting highly controllable traffic, leads, customers, sales and profits from PPC advertising is extremely important for business owners.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur or you have a small team for your business, having too much traffic and leads – yes, it can happen! – can create big problems for you.


If you’re overwhelmed with work from too many customers and you can’t provide good service, you can end up with a bad reputation for your business… and that can make it harder for you to get more customers and referrals in the future.

You have a lot of flexibility and control with PPC traffic.

You can decrease or turn off your traffic when you want to take a vacation, take some time off, spend time with your loved ones, deal with an illness or injury as well as when you have more than enough work and customers that you can handle.

Getting highly controllable traffic that allows you to increase, decrease or pause your lead generation and customer acquisition is crucial for growing any business.

The Get-More-Customers Game Plan using PPC advertising can be a SELF-FUNDING marketing system.

After optimization, the campaign pays for itself and it’s also making more profits for you. You can keep reinvesting your profits to keep making more money and growing your business.

You Can Put Into Action Your Get-More-Customers Game Plan Using PPC Advertising — For About $5 a Day…

For about $5 a day or less, you can implement your Get-More-Customers Game Plan using PPC advertising. Of course, if you can afford it, you can start with a bigger marketing budget and grow your business faster.

Some businesses start with a $20-$50 a day PPC advertising budget… then they increase their daily marketing budget to hundreds or thousands as they become more profitable. Large law firms, insurance companies and e-commerce companies (like Amazon) spend millions monthly for their PPC advertising.

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to minimize your risk and start with a tiny marketing budget, like $5 a day.

If you can turn a $5 marketing investment into $10 or more… over and over again, you can grow your business. You can keep recycling your tiny marketing budget to keep generating more sales and profits.

Once you have a profitable PPC advertising campaign, you can end up with an UNLIMITED marketing budget.

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well. ~Zig Ziglar

How Did I Learn Marketing By Doing As a Newbie? I Used PPC Advertising With a Tiny Marketing Budget of Only $1 a Day

In 2010, I was a new marketer for an affiliate marketing network. I marketed various products and services for many businesses. I was paid based on my performance. So, I only earned commissions if I generated leads and sales for companies.

When I was a marketing newbie, I learned Google PPC advertising by spending $1 a day. My tiny marketing budget allowed me to learn PPC by doing; it allowed me to get some practice and build my marketing skills.

Most new marketers are afraid of using paid traffic due to “fear of losing a fortune.” Although this is often mentioned in most SEO sites and books… this is not true!

It’s hard to “lose a fortune” with PPC advertising because it’s easy to set your daily and monthly budget.

For example, I was also afraid of losing a lot of money when I was a marketing newbie; so, I set my daily budget to $1 a day and $30 a month for Adwords (now Google Ads). You can set your budget any way you want — you can even set it to 25 cents a day or whatever is the allowed minimum budget for the PPC traffic platform you’re using.

When I was just starting out as a marketer, it wasn’t surprising that I didn’t get many clicks to my site. I wasn’t very good and I had a tiny budget.

What was shocking to me were some of the conversion results: for example, getting clicks (traffic) that cost me 10-25 cents generated leads and sales that earned me commissions as high as $125. This showed me that it was possible to generate traffic, leads and sales from PPC advertising… while you learn.

My advice to you…

You can’t learn marketing effectively just by reading articles and watching videos. You need to learn marketing by doing. When you’re just starting out, you can set a tiny marketing budget of $1 a day to minimize your risk.

If you lose $1 or more (or whatever budget you set), you can think of it as “tuition” for learning TIMELESS marketing fundamentals and building essential skills for generating traffic, leads, sales and profits. These business-building knowledge and skills will be useful for the rest of your life.

The bonus? You can generate traffic, leads, customers, sales and profits… while you learn.

For small business owners and other entrepreneurs, the payoff for learning effective digital marketing is huge.

Instead of paying affiliate marketers $10 to $800 or more for every lead or sale generated, you can learn how to create profitable marketing campaigns yourself. Some businesses (usually law firms) even pay as much as $1,000 to $5,000 for every qualified lead.

If you hire full-service marketing consultants, your cost can be a lot more.

You can save a lot of money by learning and doing marketing yourself…

PPC advertising is the simplest, fastest and cheapest way to get started marketing your business.

Having An Effective PPC Get-More-Customers Marketing System Can Bring In RELIABLE and PREDICTABLE Sales and Profits…

Having an effective PPC Get-More-Customers Marketing System is like having a team of tireless salespeople-on-autopilot reaching out to your prospects and selling for you 24/7…

You have the power to get RELIABLE and PREDICTABLE sales and profits for your business… day after day… month after month…

Imagine getting new leads, customers, sales and profits every day. Instead of you chasing after your prospects and customers… they come to you.

Instead of you chasing potential customers trying to get them to buy… they’re searching online looking to buy what you have to offer.

When you put into action a Get-More-Customers Marketing System that generates consistent sales and profits for your business, you have a valuable asset that can deposit money in your bank account 24/7.

Did you know?

It only takes ONE customer-generating digital advertising campaign to get game-changing sales and profits for your business.

Even a single marketing campaign bringing you more customers… day after day… month after month… can change your business and your life dramatically.