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Why Marketing Strategies Fail: Avoid The Top 3 Common Marketing Mistakes

Working hard and not getting sales from your marketing strategies?

Learn the top 3 most common marketing mistakes that you need to avoid. If not, you’re going to sabotage your business and keep yourself from getting sales.

Find out what you need to do instead…

Why Marketing Strategies Fail: Avoid The Top 3 Common Marketing Mistakes

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably overwhelmed with so much information about marketing online. It can be very confusing to figure out which marketing strategies can really help your business succeed. Learn the top 3 most common marketing mistakes that you need to avoid. If not, they can keep you from getting sales and profits that you deserve. Read on…

Marketing can be simple. But, there are so many ways to mess it up.

It’s not your fault…

It’s hard not to be influenced by articles you read and videos you watch online.

You can get bombarded with so much information about marketing that it’s hard to know what you really should be doing. So, it’s not surprising that most entrepreneurs end up working really hard… but, they’re doing the WRONG things.

Picking the right marketing strategies is extremely important for getting sales and becoming successful.

Making the wrong choices can result in your business struggling for months or years. It can even kill your chances of building a profitable business.

Marketing failure can lead to business failure.

Yes, it’s true!

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2018-2019 Global Report, the most common reason given for business failure is lack of profitability.

Cash flow problems lead to 82% of business failure, according to a U.S. Bank study. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Growth requires working capital. It’s critical for buying inventory and equipment as well as hiring and paying employees.

It’s hard to build your business when you’re barely making ends meet…

Lack of profitability and cash flow problems are usually due to poor and inconsistent marketing. They’re symptoms of marketing failure.

INEFFECTIVE marketing strategies result in many businesses struggling or even failing…

Common mistakes usually lead to marketing failure. These mistakes lead to insufficient sales and profits. In turn, they lead to cash flow problems.

It’s really unfair, but you can end up failing even if you have great products and services…

Top Reasons Why Marketing Strategies Fail: Most Entrepreneurs Are Making These 3 Common Mistakes That Keep Them From Getting Sales

If you don’t avoid and fix these mistakes, they can keep you from getting sales and growing a profitable business. No one deserves that.

Mistake #1: Irrelevant Marketing

Your marketing strategy is going to fail if you’re not targeting a specific audience.

If you’re targeting everyone, you’re targeting no one.

It doesn’t matter if your marketing message or content is great, it’s going to be ignored if it’s not relevant to your specific target market.

You need to understand your target market. So, you can cater to their needs and be relevant to them.

Your target market is a group of people that you’re trying to reach with your marketing message. Ideally, your target market should consist of people most likely to buy your product or service.

Marketing is like fishing. You need the right bait to get the specific type of fish you want to catch.

In a similar fashion, you need the right marketing message (bait) to attract the specific target market (fish) you want.

Your target market determines everything in your marketing campaigns. Everything.

  • WHO are you trying to reach? Your marketing headlines, landing pages, lead magnets or sales pages need to focus on your specific target market.
  • WHAT do they want? What problems are they trying to solve? What solutions, products, services or information are they searching for? You need to offer them what they want. You can offer it for free as a lead magnet (to generate leads) or you can sell it to them.
  • HOW are you going to communicate with your target market the benefits of what you’re marketing? Your marketing message or content – how you communicate with your specific target market — needs to be relevant to what they want.
  • WHERE are they hanging out? Are they hanging out on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter? You need to show your marketing message on the platform where your target market is congregating.

Instead of trying to target everyone, you need to focus on sharing marketing content relevant to your specific target market.

Relevance of your marketing content depends on WHO you’re trying to reach and WHAT they want to get.

You need to communicate your marketing message based on HOW your target market prefers to get it.

WHERE are you going to share your marketing message? You need to focus on where they’re hanging out.

For example: YouTube, Pinterest and other social media platforms have millions or billions of users.

By sharing your marketing message relevant to your specific target market on one of those platforms, you can drive traffic (people) to your blog, website, landing page or sales page. So, you can generate leads or sales for your business.

Mistake #2: Spray-and-Pray Marketing Strategies

If you’re hyperactive on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms trying to share your marketing content to as many people as possible (spray) hoping someone will buy your offer (pray)… you’re relying on spray-and-pray marketing to get sales.

Stop wasting your time juggling too many INEFFECTIVE marketing strategies. Instead, you need to start marketing smarter. So, you can get more sales and profits… WITHOUT working all the time.

Most entrepreneurs are overworked… but, they’re usually underpaid.


They’re juggling too many INEFFECTIVE marketing strategies… and they’re struggling to get results.

The problem is that there are hundreds of ways to market your products and services… and no one can effectively market his/her business in a hundred different ways.

It’s just not sustainable…

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably overwhelmed with so much information about marketing online. It can be very confusing to figure out which strategies can really help your business succeed.

It’s really tempting to use many strategies… but, that can actually hurt your business.


When you have too much to do… when you feel too overwhelmed… it’s hard to do effective marketing consistently.

If you can’t consistently get more sales and profits, you won’t have enough cash flow to grow your business. Eventually, your business will die…

What can you do?

Instead of trying to use many ineffective marketing strategies and working so hard, you need to change your mindset. You need to focus on the MOST EFFECTIVE way to get MAXIMUM RESULTS.

Did you know?

Effective marketing pays you. It’s not about working harder or longer. It’s about working smarter.

Mistake #3: Hope Marketing

Most entrepreneurs are working really hard hoping to get results, but they’re focusing on the WRONG marketing strategies.

Instead of focusing on effective marketing that can generate sales and profits quickly… millions of entrepreneurs are spending most of their days creating endless content for their blogs and websites.

This can involve spending hundreds or thousands of hours blogging, writing articles, creating videos and other content…

They’re hoping that creating lots of content will eventually lead to lots of free traffic from Google and other search engines. They’re hoping that their hard work will someday lead to lots of traffic… and hopefully, lots of sales.

The SEO strategy is mostly based on “hope marketing” for many entrepreneurs. So, why is it so popular?

SEO is the most common traffic-generation advice newbies get from marketing gurus…

But, hope is a poor marketing strategy….

Depending too much on SEO to hopefully get free organic traffic from Google can create lots of problems for you.

There’s a lot of competition for getting top ranking on Google and other search engines…

There are at least 4.83 billion web pages online as of June 22, 2021, according to World Wide Web Size. There are 1.2 billion websites worldwide as of January 2021 (Siteefy.com).

The number of websites and web pages competing for search engine ranking just keeps on growing…

The harsh reality is that most entrepreneurs will fail to get top ranking for their blogs and sites on Google and other search engines…

When traffic never comes, their sales and profits never come. Without any income coming in, they end up giving up… disillusioned and demoralized.

Don’t let that happen to you!

You need to stop wasting your time, trying and hoping to get free SEO traffic. Creating lots of content is so time-consuming. It’s like a full-time job in itself. You end up with never having time for anything else.

It’s just not sustainable….

The long hours and hard work – especially with little or no payoff – can lead to burnout and despair. You need to avoid marketing methods that fail to deliver results… because they keep you overworked and under-paid.

What do you need to do?

Learn how to generate sales and profits repeatedly…