Search Marketers Are Ignoring Call Conversions, Survey Shows

Search Marketers Are Ignoring Call Conversions

Most search marketers are not prioritizing conversions from inbound phone calls. This is a costly mistake. Why? Consumers want the option to call and these calls convert into sales.

Driving more inbound calls and converting these calls need to have a much higher priority for business marketers. Call conversions can have a huge impact on business profits:

  • Inbound phone calls covert at 10-15x the rate for online leads (Source: INVOCA).
  • 47% of Mobile searchers explore other brands when business search advertising do not provide a phone number.
  • In 2013, 30 billion phone calls were made from mobile search alone; 73 billion calls are expected from mobile search in 2018 (Source:  BIA/Kesley).

See infographic below for more  survey results…
Search Marketers


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